Bloglovin launched in November 2007 with the purpose of helping anyone to read all their favorite blogs in one place. We wanted readers do this in a way that enhanced their reading experience, while at the same time sent traffic back to the bloggers they were following. Today over 25,000,000 people per month visit Bloglovin to discover inspiring content from millions of bloggers from all around the world.

Aye, Today I have joined that family and growing my content for all to see and it starts here on bloglovin. Just like any social media platform it’s all about engaging with your audience/fan base and I want you guys to come over to bloglovin, and, well #Followme. It’s been way to long since I’ve been gone; I’ve missed you all dearly. However, I will not let you all down with this upcoming year!  I have big plans and I can’t wait to start unveiling them in 2016 😁

Any way come on over and follow me by clicking the link Follow my blog with Bloglovin

-DaSean Taylor


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