Trending |classical, calm, and casual fall Looks

Trending |classical, calm, and casual fall Looks

By: Anthony Slay

During the fall, most people with some ideas of fashion sense tend to alternate from their bright, exciting, and surprising summer wears, to a more classical, calm, and casual fall wardrobe. Men and women gear up on the nudes, the blacks, the whites—hence that you are not supposed to associate with whites after Labor Day… F*%# YOU! Wear what you aspire to wear— the browns, etc. Now, when it comes to the trendy shoes for this upcoming fall, do not settle for less. This meaning does not always reach for the Chelsea boot, the Timberland, the Oxford, or the Derbie. This sounds cliché, but you can definitely drag the summer trend into the fall, the Stan Smith Adidas tennis shoe. It sound a bit ridiculous but look at the shoe from all aspects of fashion. You can wear this unique, versatile, casual, and intriguing shoe with probably 90% of what you own in your closet! For men, urban wear is essential to the Stan Smith Adidas because of the comfort, the variable color schemes, and they are super trendy! Even on a calm day at the office with your creased chinos or dress pants assessed with your vibrant two to three-inch hemming. You have unlimited possibilities. For the most part, the most intricate and exiting part of these new elements, THEY ARE UNISEX! Women can also share this trend to their expertise as well. From your skirts, sweatsuits, dress pants, or even your latest and favorite torn denim. Stan Smith Adidas are also super affordable, ranging from $65-$150. A few years back, Stan Smith, Raf Simons, and ADIDAS all collaborated to create a more ethnic sneaker simply named “RAFS.” Those are a bit expensive but are totally worth the purchase. For those who love crazy, cooky, or dress socks can incorporate them into the twill of fall variety colors! Even those who despise socks can go barefoot for a more natural, humanistic look. Overall, everyone needs a pair of Stan Smith Adidas. While writing this article, me too, are wearing the trend! Always go for the CAT: Comfort, Affordable, and Trendy.


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